Composition of glow in the dark paint: luminous powder, phosphor, dispersant, anti-settling agent, leveling agent, resin, organic solvent. Luminous paint emits a certain amount of light by its own energy storage substance. It absorbs light energy under the irradiation of sunlight, light and visible light, and releases the absorbed energy under dark conditions — the luminous phenomenon caused by visible light excitation. Absorbs visible light, and after 10 to 20 minutes of irradiation, it can continue to emit light for about 12 hours in a dark environment.

Luminous paint is about three times brighter than ordinary paint, which is unmatched by other paints. At the same time, the color is particularly bright, and the color purity is high. The luminous paint’s fluorescent pigment is a resin-based fluorescent pigment, which has high tinting strength, strong resistance to fading, extremely fine particle size, and strong solvent resistance.

Advantages of glow in the dark paint

  1. Non-toxic and non-radiation: It does not contain any toxins and radioactive elements, and is harmless to the human body; after being tested by the “Chinese Academy of Metrology,” the radioactivity is less than the level of cleanliness; “Testing proves non-toxic;
  1. Short absorption time and long afterglow time: After a short time of about 10-30 minutes, it can produce high-brightness afterglow, which is 30-50 times the brightness of traditional phosphors. Afterglow time can reach up to the visible brightness of the human eye. More than 20 hours;
  1. The light source is easily available: The light-emitting material has a strong absorption capacity for visible light with a wavelength below 450 μm. In daylight, natural light, light, ultraviolet light, etc .;
  1. Has excellent physical and chemical characteristics: the 300W high-pressure mercury lamp is exposed for 1,000 hours, the performance is unchanged, the chemical resistance is good, the use temperature range (-20 ℃ to 500 ℃);
  1. Extremely long service life: can absorb, store and release visible light repeatedly (≥20 years).
glow in the dark paint