The luminescence of long-lasting glow in the dark powder is based on the principle of photoluminescence. The excitation light source is generally daylight and artificial light source. It absorbs the energy of the excitation light source and stores it. After the light source stops shining, the stored energy is in the form of light. Release slowly. The process of absorbing light → lighting → storing → re-lighting can be repeated infinitely many times, which is the same as the repeated use process of charging, discharging, recharging, and recharging the mobile phone battery. It emits light in a dark environment without an external light source, and its luminous time is called afterglow time.

When using long-lasting luminous powder, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Most long-lasting luminous powders are slightly soluble in water and decompose in acids, so they cannot be used in water-soluble systems and acidic systems (water-resistant luminous powders can be selected and can be used in aqueous media such as luminous paints).
  1. The pigment has a large specific gravity. Please pay attention to mixing when using it.
  1. Should be stored in a ventilated, dry environment, pay attention to moisture, luminous powder that has not been used up should be stored sealed.
  1. Metal materials have a great impact on the glow in the dark performance. Avoid contact with metal materials as much as possible.

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