Want to make your rocks glow in the dark? Then a glow in the dark paint for rocks can help.

These paints are specially made to adhere well to rocks and make it glow in the dark. So, when these rocks are placed in the garden, they make it look like a fairy garden.

These paints are made using glowing pigments that do all the work. These pigments take light and charge themselves only for later emitting it slowly.

Once charged, it starts emitting the charge in a slow manner, thus giving a glow-like effect for hours. Apart from the quality, its thickness and charge play a crucial role.

A glow in the dark paint needs to be applied thickly for the best effect. Without being thick, it won’t glow at its full potential.

Once applied, the final part is charging. Now, charging isn’t as simple as it seems. There are a lot of lights that can charge glow paint. Like, sunlight, lamplight, LED light, high wattage bulbs, etc.

But the best of all is a Blacklight. A blacklight can charge the paint in no time and ensure a much better and brighter glow.