The luminous paint realizes the self-luminous function of the medium, and can also shows the bright colors of the luminous powder, showing good low-level emergency lighting, indication signs and decorative landscaping effects. Various luminous products made with the luminous paint can be safely applied to daily-use decorations in white, yellow-green, light yellow, beige, light blue, and green, which are popular among people.

Luminous paint is a self-luminous material that absorbs light and stores it, which can realize self-luminous function by absorbing various visible light. It has the advantages of high afterglow brightness, long afterglow time, harmless, no radioactivity,etc.

Glow in the dark paint is used to prepare toys, craft jewelry, silicone bracelets, artificial flowers, display night objects, clocks, telephone keys, field instruments or indicators, cinema seat numbers, traffic signs, power switches, fishing appliances, building decoration, glow in the dark paint , Luminous inks, textile trademark patterns, night-light object displays, instrumentation scales, electrical switches, coated glass, plastic products, ceramic products, wood products, marble products, tile products, stainless steel, iron, copper and other metal products, organic glass products , Enamel products, cloth rubber products, warning products, various signs, street signs, street signs, house signs, signboards, light boxes, stop signs, highway facilities, transportation facilities, instructions for corridor stairs, craft gifts, toys and instruments, light and transparent Medium, onyx on emerald, on vehicles, clocks and night backlight, safety emergency sign, fire emergency escape system identification, transportation means.

glow paint