The brightness and particle size of the glow in the dark powder are important factors. Many people think that the glow powders have the same appearance, so their luminous brightness will be the same. But in fact, it’s not.

So the glow powders of the same appearance are irradiated with the same light source for the same time, and their brightness is different. Take high-brightness glow powder as an example. Under the illumination of the same light source, the high-brightness glow powder is much brighter than the normal glow powder.

Therefore, Glow Technology conducted a test. Using the same light source, the same time to test high-brightness glow powder and normal luminous powder. So let’s look at the test content.

01. Perpare high-brightness glow in the dark pigment, ordinary glow in the dark pigment and UV light flashlight.

02. First we need to turn off the light and test them in total dark environment.

03. Now we use UV light torchto charge the two powder and wait for 5mins until two powders are fully charged.

04. Remove the UV torch after 5mins.

After five minutes of irradiation, the energy of the two kinds of glow powder has already filled. And when remove the UV light, the brightness of the two types of glow powder can be contrasted. The high-brightness glow powder on the left side is brighter than the ordinary glow powder on the right side.

The brightness contrast test is very simple, but the effect after the test is very intuitive. And Glow Technology should remind everyone that when choosing the glow powder, you should purchase according to your own needs and consult a professional staff.