A brief introduction of glow in the dark powder

The noctilucent powder is a photoluminescence light-emitting material that realizes the luminous function by absorbing various visible light, especially has a strong absorption capacity for short-wave visible light below 450 nm, and can be used indefinitely.

Second, characteristics

1) 吸 This product absorbs light for 10-20 minutes and can continue to emit light for more than 12 hours.

2) This product does not contain any radioactive elements and is non-toxic and harmless and safe to the human body.

3) This product has a different glow in the dark colors.

4) High durability: The luminous performance of this material is produced by a stable crystalline structure, which can be permanently maintained without damaging the crystalline structure.


The luminous powder can be used as an additive, evenly distributed in various transparent media such as paint (glow in the dark paint), inks, plastics, fibers, ceramics, glass, etc. At night, it emits different colors of light, showing good low-level emergency lighting, indicating signs and decorative landscaping functions. Various luminous products made with this pigment are absolutely safe for daily consumer products such as clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, clocks, switches, signs, fishing gear, crafts, and sports goods. And in building decoration, transportation vehicles, military facilities, fire emergency systems such as import and export signs, escape, life-saving route instructions system has a good effect.

glow in the dark powder