1. Absorb energy in a light environment and release energy in a dark environment. It absorbs various visible light sources such as sunlight and light in a light environment, and automatically and continuously emits light in a dark environment, giving people more information in the dark.
  2. No power is required. After testing, the luminous powder is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and stable in chemical properties.
  3. Low excitation conditions, sunlight, light, and ambient light can be used as excitation light sources.
  4. High luminous brightness and long glow in the dark time, far exceeding the requirements of a fire evacuation.
  5. Simple installathttps://glowtechno.com/ion and easy maintenance. It can be flexibly installed according to the actual needs of public places. Signs can be installed at different locations on the ground, wall, and ceiling.
  6. can be reused unlimited times, safety factor 100%.
  7. has good aging resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, has a certain flame resistance and scratch resistance.
  1. Product series are diversified, mainly including luminous signs, luminous indicators, luminous guide signs, glow in the dark paint, luminous tiles, luminous candles, etc.
  2. Personalized landscaping characteristics: the luminous powder presents its own appearance color in a light environment, and the dark place emits different colors of light, showing a good low-brightness lighting function.
  3. Safety and effectiveness: All kinds of luminous products made of glow in the dark powder are safely used in daily consumer goods such as clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, clocks, switches, signs, toys, and crafts. And it has a good effect in building decoration, transportation tools, military facilities, fire fighting equipment, etc.
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