In recent years, the popularity of running sports has been heating up. In the city, after a busy day of work, walking and night running have become more and more new sports methods for young people. At night, the lights are dim. Walking and running at night in a dark environment is not only boring but also very dangerous.

In order to get rid of the dullness and danger in the process of walking and night running, the luminous element was added to the design of the runway, and the longest luminous runway in the country was built, so that people who walk here at night will no longer be boring and away from danger.

The longest luminous runway in the country is located in Mozishan Park, Hunnan District, Shenyang City. Construction started in April 2019 and is now complete. As the first luminous runway in Shenyang, as soon as it was opened, it attracted a lot of tourists and citizens. Now, the luminous runway in Mozishan Park has become a hot spot for internet celebrities.

For the surrounding citizens, it is a great benefit. After dinner, I will come to the park and take a walk to fitness while feeling the colorful effects of the luminous runway, which can enrich people’s needs in sports, fitness, and entertainment.

This luminous runway in Mozishan Park has a total length of 2.5 kilometers and a width of 2 meters to 4 meters. Through the use of new luminous material (luminous stone), the original asphalt pavement is organically combined with high density to produce different patterns. And it is made by way of purple light projection.

At night, through the illumination of purple lights, the luminous effect emitted by the luminous stones on the ground creates a dreamy effect like the Milky Way star, thereby improving the overall quality of the runway and the luminous visual effect.

Because glow in the dark stones are laid on the luminous runway, the energy of sunlight will be absorbed during the day. At night, the runway itself will emit light. In order to improve the brightness of the luminous stones, purple lights are set up on both sides of the road to make the runway more beautiful.

The luminous runway has become an important part of the overall landscape of Shenyang Mozishan Park. It has attracted a lot of Internet celebrities, tourists and sports enthusiasts to come for leisure sports, take photos and check-in. If you have the opportunity, you can go and experience it for yourself.

glow in the dark runway