Now, there are many types of luminous toys on the market, with different shapes and different functions, which are popular with children. Although these toys have a very beautiful appearance, you must be careful when choosing them.

There are three types of luminous toys. The first kind is toys that need to use power to emit light, such as electronic light-emitting toys. Such toys need to use batteries to emit light. Luminous elastic balls, toy watches, lanterns, etc. This kind of toy needs frequent recharging or battery replacement to make the luminous toy work without energy saving.

The second type of luminous toys are fluorescent toys, such as fluorescent sticks, fluorescent bracelets, and fluorescent hairpins. This type of toy uses a chemical form to allow the toy to emit light, and the two chemical substances in the toy react and emit a fluorescent effect. These toys contain C10H10O4 and C16H22O4. If the toy is damaged, the liquid inside touches the skin and has a certain impact on the human body. Therefore, such products are not recommended as children’s toys.

The last one is a real luminous toy. This kind of toy does not require a power supply. As long as the toy is placed in the sun or in a well-lit environment for charging, it will automatically emit light at night. In this toy, luminous powder with rare earth as raw material is added. Luminous powder has the functions of light absorption, light storage and light emission, non-toxic and non-polluting, energy saving and environmental protection. The materials used have no effect on children’s health. Luminous powder glow is a weak light source and will not harm the children’s eyes. If you choose a luminous toy, I suggest you choose a luminous toy with luminous powder added to the toy.

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