The glow in the dark powder is divided into short-acting luminous powder and long-acting luminous powder. Many people have a misunderstanding. They think that long-acting luminous powder is cheaper than short-acting luminous powder. This is a serious misunderstanding. Two types of luminous powder have different characteristics; let’s take a brief look.

The short-acting luminous powder is characterized by “come fast, go fast.” “Come fast” means that the light absorption time is short, and the effect of storing energy is fast. “Going fast” means a short time to light. Because the effect of light is very fast, it is widely used in many industries and many products.

In actual life, people use luminous powder to emit light for a long time to make a weak light source. There are special uses in the military sector, coating this material on dashboards, clocks, windows, etc. In life, power switches, sockets, fish hooks, and other places have their presence.

After being illuminated by light, these luminous products can continue to emit light in a dark environment, so that people can distinguish the direction and bring convenience to life and work. Blending ultra-fine luminous powder into textiles can make colors more vivid. Luminous clothes in bed at night can reduce security incidents.

The glow in the dark powder does not have any radioactive substances, is non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, safe for the human body, has stable physical and chemical properties, and has a service life of more than 20 years.

glow in the dark powder