The long-lasting afterglow luminous material (luminous powder) produced by Luminous Technology is irradiated in sunlight or light for 5-10 minutes, and the absorbed light energy is quickly converted and stored in the material. In the dark, energy can be released and converted into light. Continuous light emission can reach 8-16 hours, and its chemical properties are stable. The light absorption, light storage, and light emission processes can be reused. It has a long service life and is non-toxic.

There are many types of noctilucent powders produced by noctilucent technology, with different particle sizes and different application fields.

  1. From the light-emitting time, we have long-acting luminous powder and short-acting luminous powder, and the service life of the products is more than 15 years. The long-acting luminous powder absorbs light for 5-15 minutes and emits light for 6-15 hours, which is suitable for all walks of life; short-acting. The luminous powder absorbs light for 3-10 seconds and can emit light for 30-60 minutes. When injecting, try to avoid contact with metal. It is suitable for making luminous toys and plastics.
  1. From the use of media to distinguish, we have a variety of special luminous powder: injection luminous powder, printing luminous powder, fiber luminous powder, paint luminous powder (glow in the dark paint), luminous glass powder, luminous ceramic powder.
  1. luminous powder colors are conventional yellow-green, blue-green, sky blue luminous powder, red, white, green, orange, yellow, orange-red, pink, light green, lemon yellow, lemon green, and other colors can be based on Customized to customer needs.
  1. The particle size of the luminous powder is available from 3μm-800μm (100 mesh to 600 mesh). If there are special eyeballs, we can also customize it. Among them, the luminous powder made from the same raw material has a larger particle size. The higher the light emission brightness, the longer the light emission time. Our ultra-fine luminous powder can be used in fibers with a particle size smaller than the diameter of the fibers.
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