Luminous mosaic prices and bad reviews

Although the mosaic is small, it can be laid with different and whimsical patterns, which can create an indoor atmosphere and prevent moisture. Luminous mosaic is a derivative of traditional mosaic, made by blending luminous powder into the mosaic. This luminous mosaic absorbs energy during the day and can glow at night, and the glowing time lasts about 10 hours. The luminous mosaic has many advantages, but it has not been popularized. Why?

1. High manufacturing cost and high selling price
At present, there are still a small number of merchants selling luminous mosaics, which is for a certain reason. In addition to ordinary wall and ground mosaic materials, luminous mosaics also need to be made with luminous powder, and the cost of this luminous powder is relatively high, and the manufacturing process is also relatively complicated. Therefore, the price of the luminous mosaic is very high. Generally speaking, the price of luminous mosaics as decorative walls is twice or even higher than that of ordinary Mass. When consumers see the price of a luminous mosaic, they will definitely lose their desire to buy.

2. Difficult to clean
Ordinary mosaics are easy to be dirty because of many gaps, and therefore have certain difficulty in cleaning. Therefore, it is often used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other locations. The kitchen and bathroom are close to the water source. Even if the environment is wet during home maintenance and cleaning, it will not cause too much damage. However, the luminous mosaic is used for collage patterns, which is not a conventional usage. If it is pasted in a large area in the living room and bedroom as a TV wall, it will increase the difficulty of cleaning. And luminous mosaic materials are precious, so you need to be more careful when cleaning.

Luminous mosaic as a new type of decorative material, in addition to the physical properties such as general mosaic decoration, the biggest advantage is its luminous effect, and this luminous effect can exist for a long time, the luminous material used has no effect on the human body Poison without harm is the choice of many fashionable families. However, the luminous mosaic also has certain shortcomings. If the cost is high and the price is high, there are few retailers. If problems occur, it is difficult to find professional maintenance personnel.

Luminous Mosaic