Add Luminous Powder to Crystal Epoxy

Epoxy resin is also called artificial resin, which is widely used. In life, many people like to use it for DIY production, pour it into the mold, and make small ornaments of various shapes and patterns. Here I will teach you how to make epoxy resin that will glow in the dark environment.

  1. Prepare two types of crystal glue A and B and two molds.
  1. Mix the A and B materials according to the ratio of 3: 1, and stir them evenly with a wooden stick (until there is no wire drawing, the stirring is completed)
  1. After the stirring is completed, let it stand for defoaming.
  1. Use the defoaming time to clean the mold
  1. Add superfine luminous powder to the crystal glue and stir it evenly with a wooden stick
  1. Pour the modulated crystal glue into the mold slowly and evenly (do not need to overfill it)
  1. After pouring into the mold, you need to wait 24-48 hours
  1. Take out the cured crystal glue from the mold (the process of taking out should be slow, so as not to damage the finished product)
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