Halloween is almost here, and the various Halloween props in the mall are dazzling. Halloween is a very important holiday. In addition to buying different kinds of props, many people will make special products about the holiday.

Pumpkin, as one of the most important props in Halloween, is indispensable in festivals. Apply glow in the dark paint to the pumpkin to make a pumpkin head that can glow in a dark environment. In a dark environment, whether it is a glowing color or a pumpkin with a grimace, it is very in line with the atmosphere of Halloween. Next, teach you how to make luminous pumpkins.

  1. First of all, cover the nearby objects with cloth around the pumpkin. During the spinning process, the luminous paint drips.
  1. Paste the edges of the pumpkin and the areas that do not need to be painted with tape
  1. Use a rag and water to clean the surface of the pumpkin and dry it to keep the surface of the pumpkin dry.
  1. Spray a body layer of white primer on the surface of the pumpkin (white primer can improve the luminous brightness and light absorption time of the luminous paint), and dry it after spraying.
  1. Next is the most important step. Spray the luminous paint evenly on the surface of the pumpkin (in order to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to spray the luminous paint three times)
  1. Put the painted pumpkin in a ventilated place to dry, and remove the tape
  1. Put the pumpkin in the sun for irradiation (for one hour)
  1. Get the luminous effect of the luminous pumpkin in a dark environment. Glow-in-the-dark pumpkin glows for 10 hours in a dark environment