At first, people used the hearing to know the time, but the price of a three-minute watch was very high. With the development of technology, the luminous function of the watch was born. Relatively speaking, it is more popular and widely spread, and it is more convenient to use. I believe that as a table friend, you must have heard about the luminous function of the watch, so do you know the history and principle of the luminous watch?

The origin of the luminous watch is inseparable from the world-famous scientific lady. Early in the last century, she discovered the element “Ra.” After extensive application and extraction, this material was applied to watches, so that people can clearly read the watch time at night, the prototype of luminous watches was born. “Radium” is a radioactive element. After the end of World War II, people gradually realized the harm of radioactive elements to the human body. Therefore, the technology was suspended for the safety and health of the public.

With the development of science and technology, noctilucent materials have made earth-shaking breakthroughs and progress. The latest luminous materials are painted on the dial, hands, or other watch parts, allowing the wearer to read the time or other information in the dark. In a light environment, it absorbs light energy, stores energy, releases energy in a dark environment, and emits a luminous effect.

The luminous powder can be classified according to the color of light, which is divided into sky blue, yellow-green, and blue-green. The color of the light does not depend on the color seen during the day. This material is non-radioactive and non-toxic. Currently, 99% of luminous watches use this material.

Among the complicated functions of the watch, the luminous function is the most inconspicuous, but in actual use, it has brought us more convenience. Like the eyes of a watch, it adds a magical charm to the night. Energize a quiet night.

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