There are many kinds of chalk formulas. We have chosen one of the simplest production methods from the numerous production methods. According to this method, we can produce various colors of luminous chalk.
1. Before making luminous chalk, you need to prepare a cup of plaster, a cup of water, a spoon of luminous paint, and a tray for making ice cubes.

2.Mix the luminous paint and water channel with the bowl and mix it well (if you make multiple colors, prepare the number of bowls according to the number of colors)

Luminous ink

3.Add gypsum to the mixed luminous paint and continue to stir to make it fully mixed.

4.Pour the mixed materials into the ice cube mold for closed storage

5.Wait for several hours, the chalk will solidify, and after taking it out, put it in a place of high manufacture to dry it

Use the produced luminous chalk, paint it on the paper, and put it under the light environment to irradiate. After the energy is full, take it in a dark environment. The pattern painted on the paper with the luminous chalk will emit various colors of light.