In daily life, fire signs can guide us to escape from dangerous places and save our lives. When there is a power outage or earthquake, the indoor light is dim and the correct escape route cannot be found. At this time, ordinary fire signs have lost their effect and cannot guide people to escape from danger. Therefore, the glow fire signs were invented.

Glow fire safety signs are very versatile and have many types, including danger signs, prohibited safety signs, chemical safety signs, first aid signs, electrical hazard signs, escape indication signs, etc. In the process of making signs, because of the addition of fast-absorbing glow powder, fire safety signs can quickly absorb energy and shine in a dark environment.

After research, it has been shown that the replacement of 100 incandescent lamp signs with glow fire safety signs can save 2,000 pounds per year. Because the luminous powder is non-toxic and non-polluting, the glow safety sign is an environmentally friendly product.

Glow fire safety signs can be recycled indefinitely, and the life span can reach 20 years. Replacing traditional safety signs with glow signs can save money and energy. The glow sign has obvious visibility of power outage in emergency situations.


  1. Absorb light energy in a light environment and glow in a dim light environment.
  2. The new material is used, which is resistant to shrinkage and curling, very durable and not easy to be damaged.
  3. The materials are non-toxic and non-polluting and are environmentally friendly materials.
  4. Strong weather resistance, can be used indoors and outdoors.