Luminous background wall

Other people’s background walls are painted with ordinary wallpaper or paint. If their own TV background wall is luminous, it will be upgraded a lot. It is a very happy thing to turn off the lights at night, watch TV on the background of gorgeous luminous lights, or watch TV with a loved one to see a happy hug in the late night on the background of luminous lights.

The luminous background wall can emit light in a dark environment, without electricity, environmental protection, non-toxic, and pollution-free painting; this is the real luminous background wall.

The most special luminous background is drawn with the latest luminous powder and art paint. It is a unique work of art with an obvious luminous effect and a strong three-dimensional effect. The effect during the day is no different from the ordinary background wall. At night, it looks like Moonlight shines on the earth, just like the natural scene, giving people beautiful and infinite reverie.

The luminous background can be customized according to the requirements, according to the size, color, brightness level, and base surface, using different processes, such as luminous film, luminous cloth, luminous silk, and so on. It can be used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom night, children’s room, and other places.

The unique and unique luminous background wall attracts more and more people, whether it is the bedroom or the living room, which can carry out the luminous background construction.

The luminous background wall with unique charm is gradually loved by people, and the development prospect of the luminous background wall will become better and better in the future. Making a luminous effect on the TV background wall not only replaces the effect of decoration during the day, but also at night, sit on the sofa to enjoy after turning off the lights, and quietly watch the gorgeous appearance of the luminous background at night.

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