Introduce you to a basketball with special technology that can shine in a dark environment. If you like to play basketball at night, then this is a very good alternative. At night, using this basketball for 3-point shots is really cool. Like ordinary basketball, it has the same jumping ability, excellent grip and the same experience.

The luminous element is the biggest feature of the entire basketball. In the process of making rubber, glow in the dark powder is added, no matter how rubbed, the luminous element always exists. Of course, it can also be made with glow in the dark paint, but after rubbing, the luminous element will disappear and the wear resistance is poor.

Basketball is covered with special rubber cover that glows in the dark, the thing is that ball charges during the day to be ready for the night play. Don’t forget to turn the ball from time to time so all the surface of the ball would get a direct sun light at least for a few minutes. The ball doesn’t use any electric gadgets or any kind of LED lights. It’s glowing material the ball is covered with causes this effect.

It’s really fun to play basketball with your kids using this ball. So if you are looking for a gift to your kids this is a good choice. It lets you to enjoy family fun time after the sun goes down.

Nice ball for kids as they love to see such effect on the ball, this effect motivates them to be active and play with it way longer than they would with regular ball. It’s fun to play with this basketball. However you should never forget that it needs to “charge” during the day time to get the best experience after the sun goes down.

luminous basketball