With gas prices constantly digging into your wallet, biking will always be a cheap and easy alternative for getting around—and it’s a perfect way to get in a little exercise. But with the fall season about a week away, it is going to start getting dark a lot earlier and that ride home might be a little more dangerous. So to save yourself an unexpected trip to the ER, take a little time to make your bicycle impossible to overlook.

Basically, just take the bike apart and make sure to track all parts.Once ready, prime the frame with some spray paint primer, let dry, then paint with white spray paint. The bike has to be really white, so you’ll have to do it a few times if necessary.

When you’re satisfied with the whiteness, brush on a thin coat of glow paint. It dries clear, so that’s why you needed white paint. Let dry, then all that’s left to do is spray on a clear protective coat.

Then just put it all back together and admire the finished product.