Hello, everyone here is Glow Technology. As a tool for lighting, candles have a wide range of uses. They also have important uses in events such as birthday parties, religious festivals, collective mourning, and red and white happy events. Today I will take you to make a special candle that absorbs light energy during the day and emits yellow-green light in a dark environment.

1. The wax core is fixed on the bottom of the glass back (in order to prevent the wax core from tilting, it can be fixed with a wooden stick)

2. Pour soy wax into the pot

3. Use a small fire to heat to melt

4. Cool the melted wax water to 60 ℃, pour the appropriate amount of luminous powder

5. Mix the luminous powder and candles, and stir evenly

6. Pour the mixed wax water into the glass

7. Put three petals on the surface of the candle, which can play a decorative effect

8. After waiting for the wax water to solidify, remove the wooden stick holding the wax core, and reduce the excess wax core.

The method of making luminous candles is very simple, but it should be noted that when choosing a luminous powder, choose luminous powder with small particle size. If luminous powder with large particle size is used, the phenomenon of luminous powder sedimentation may occur.

Luminous candle