Glowing Christmas tree can glow autonomously in the dark after being charged from any source of light. That means, artificial Christmas tree would be emitting the glow every time you turn off the room light. Accumulated from an ordinary lamp energy makes tree’s luminescent coating glow green (other luminescence colors are available).

Light-accumulative artificial Christmas trees have unlimited service life. So you can use it every time when celebrating Christmas holidays. Glow intensity doesn’t get reduced with years.

Special luminous coating on the needles of a Christmas tree is resistant to mechanical impact and is totaly harmless to humans.

Glow in the Dark Christmas Tree doesn’t require any special charging or electricity. Turning the lights on and off itself results in Christmas tree charge and afterglow. Luminescent Christmas tree looks especially unique when decorated with glowing Christmas toys that can be bought at our Company as well.

Light energy accumulation goes really fast. Even 10 minutes of turned on illumination are enough to get a bright and rich glow in the dark. When it becomes darker-there is enough glow brightness of a Christmas tree to illuminate the surroundings. Soft green or light blue afterglow would help you to create a festive atmosphere and bring a sense of coziness and comfort to your house.

Glowing Christmas tree