Luminous elements are added to the watch, and the time can be clearly seen in a dark environment. With the continuous advancement of technology, there are more and more functions on the watch. When designing watches, many watch manufacturers combine the compass function and luminous elements into one, so that the watch can be outdoors at night. More security.

During the production process, there are two types of luminous products added, one is glow powder and the other is glow paint. Different production processes use different luminous products.

MULTIPURPOSE: Ideal for any outdoor, survival, professional, or emergency setting. Can be used by military, rescue teams, campers, and guides.

DURABLE: Built to withstand harsh conditions while being lightweight and compact. Dust and water resistant.

GLOW IN THE DARK: In the case of insufficient light, the luminous dial releases energy and emits a glow in the dark effect.

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