Luminous fiber manufacturing process

Now the luminescent fiber is made of luminous powder (rare earth luminescent fiber). The research and development of rare earth luminescent fiber is still in the initial stage, various manufacturing methods are not mature, and most of them are in the exploration stage. In summary, it can be divided into the following methods: melt spinning, solution spinning, surface coating, high-speed airflow impact, etc.

  1. Melt spinning:

The rare earth luminous powder is directly mixed with the polymer, melted, and made into fibers. Alternatively, the luminous powder and resin carrier are mixed to produce a glowing masterbatch, which is then melted to make fibers. This method seems very simple, but the requirements for rare earth compounds are very high, so the application of this method is limited to a certain extent. If new rare earth compounds with heat and oxidation resistance can be developed, or the temperature of melt spinning can be lowered, this method will be widely used.

  1. Solution spinning:

A method of dissolving rare earth compounds in the spinning dope, and then spinning, and finally obtaining luminous fibers. Compared with melt spinning, the spinning temperature of this method is lower, and there will be no problems of oxidation and thermal decomposition. However, it is required that the luminous powder can be dissolved in the spinning dope, so the selection of suitable luminous powder is the key.

  1. Surface coating:

The luminous powder is dissolved in an appropriate solution, and then mixed with a binder such as a resin solution to make a luminous paddle. Luminous fiber with luminescent properties can be obtained by coating the fiber in this solution. The operation of this method is relatively simple, but because the luminous powder is adsorbed on the surface of the fiber, its weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance are very weak.

  1. High-speed airflow impact:

Using a high-speed airflow impact device, the luminous powder and fiber are put into this device for high-speed impact treatment to make the surface of the fiber absorb a layer of luminous powder. Such a device is relatively complex and rare.

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