When it comes to glowing clothes and shoes, it should be common at concerts. We saw performers dancing in shiny clothes and shoes, weaving LEDs into the fabric, and stars hanging on the clothes such as fluorescent lights at night Like flashing, the effect of light is combined with the fabric. However, it has a large disadvantage that it is not practical and cannot be washed. Few people will wear it in daily life. Many times it is appreciated by others.

There is one thing that can replace the LED glow in the dark powder body, that is the luminous fiber. When making the fiber, add luminous powder, by changing the light absorption and light storage function of the fiber, by absorbing the energy of light during the day and storing the energy in the fiber, In the evening, release the energy and emit a luminous effect in the dark. It has high luminous brightness and lasts a long time. It can be washed and reused, just like the ordinary clothes we usually wear, without the need for maintenance. At the same time, although it can emit light, it does not contain radioactive materials, does not harm the human body, and is a green and healthy material. At present, luminous yarn has been widely used in our daily life, such as clothes and shoes. . . .

The summer weather is hot. I believe that many people will go for a walk or blow in the air at night. Some people like to choose to run at night at night. Clothes and shoes made of luminous fiber will emit a dazzling luminous effect at night. It can be beautiful and charming at night. At the same time, the shiny luminous color makes you particularly conspicuous in the night. It can play a role in protecting safety to a certain extent. If there are children in the family, take them out at night and wear them. Children will be happy when wearing glow in the dark clothes, and parents can take better care of children. At the same time, it is still a unique couple outfit, parent-child outfit, whether it is day or night, others can see it at a glance.

glow in the dark fiber