Are you an avid golfer? Are you busy every day and can’t take the time to play golf? do not worry. Light up the luminous golf ball at night to let you and your friends enjoy the fun of golf before going to bed. Luminous golf balls are made by injection molding. High-luminance luminous powder is added to make them glow longer and brighter, so you can find them whenever and wherever.

Unlike ordinary golf balls and LED golf balls with difficult swings and short driving forces, luminous golf balls use a championship ball design, and its performance is the same as ordinary golf balls. They use a low compression core and a soft polyurethane skin to keep them soft when hitting for the best golf experience. I believe you will love the night golf experience brought by these luminous golf balls.

Luminous golf can achieve the same experience as ordinary golf because they are real balls. This ultra-bright luminous golf seeks to be brighter than the conventional luminous effect and longer. The ordinary light source can be charged here. Recommend ultraviolet flashlight.

The advantages of luminous golf:

Use luminous golf at night and enjoy golf games at night. They have a bright glowing effect and can be easily charged with an ultraviolet flashlight or other light source, without batteries.

There is no LED light inside, the sphere itself is shining, they are softer than LED golf balls, so the impact is the same as ordinary balls.

Luminous golf balls are high performance golf balls with a low compression core and soft polyurethane skin. They are high-quality golf balls, and the effect at night is the same as during the day.

Added high-brightness luminous powder, made by injection molding, compared with other luminous golf balls, high brightness and long luminous time.

This is the best gift for a father, business partner or relative. It is the best choice to give them on birthday, father’s day, christmas or thanksgiving.