The incredible Glow Technology luminous stones can be used to light up any indoor or outdoor setting. You can add them to gravel pathways, to driveways, place them in concrete or on countertops-or just in a bowl on your desk-the possibilities are endless , and no other version of this technology in the world glows as brightly.

These stones last for 20 years, and can glow for up to 10 hours at a time. The cold-manufacturing process ensures that the glow is uncompromised during production. It’s electricity free lighting that lets you create galaxy and bioluminescence-inspired artwork anywhere. It’s easy to install and charges under sunlight or lamplight within 20 minutes-no breaking, no fading, no electricity, just pure magic.

At roughly 3-15 mm in diameter, these aqua glow in the dark stones / pebbles make a suitable aggregate for any project. Perfect for indoor or outdoor uses, these rocks add a unique flair to your aquarium, terrarium, flower pots, or landscaping .

The improved formula of glue, crushed glass, and glow powder guarantee an all-night glow that will not fade or lose color. They can be charged by any light source and are also reactive to UV black lights. Glow rocks come pre-tumbled with no sharp edges. Available in 3 colors.