During the epidemic, masks are very popular products, and the masks worn by everyone are the same, nothing special. When wearing a mask, in order to be different, many art lovers use watercolor paint to draw their favorite patterns on the mask, which will be more prominent in crowded places.

Halloween is approaching, many places will hold various Halloween parties, everyone puts on Halloween costumes. It is best to wear a mask in crowded places to prevent infection. In order to match the Halloween theme, many manufacturers have designed luminous masks that can glow in the dark. Luminous masks are the best match for Halloween costumes.

The pattern on the mask is printed by printing luminous ink on the surface of the mask. The luminous brightness of the luminous ink is determined according to the grade of the luminous powder. In the queue, the lights are dim, and the skull pattern on the mask glows in a dark environment, using sunlight or lights for charging and irradiation, and it emits a creepy green in the dark.