A museum is a place for soliciting, collecting, displaying, and studying cultural heritage representing nature and humanity, and categorizes objects of scientific, historical, or artistic value to provide knowledge, education, and appreciation to the public. , Location or social public institution. However, the luminous museum is an exception, it is a new highlight in all museums.

This museum has a special name called “Dark Building”. This museum is located in Malaysia. After the construction is completed, it becomes a famous tourist attraction in Malaysia. The museum integrates luminous technology and art, and combines 3D art painting into the darkness, thus raising the museum to a new height. Therefore, in the “Dark Mansion”, not only can you see realistic works of art, but you can also draw amazing glow works in the dark effect.

In the Luminous Museum, the most famous work is “Water and Fire: Salute Like Darwin”. This work is the first work in the Luminous Museum and is a must-see. This exquisite artwork was created by a 3D street painter Yes, in this work, there are two different visual effects. In the steep vertical waterfall cliff, the water and fire are displayed in a 3D way, which has a dramatic feeling.

In the “Dark Building” of the Luminous Museum, there are also many 3D luminous art works and venues with different themes. When visiting this museum, it is best to bring your camera and record every moment here, which will definitely impress you .