Today’s blog is not to answer the questions that customers often ask, but to show you a DIY video made by Glow Technology. This video was shot by myself, and I tried the do my little finger first, that’s why the little finger was not painted at the beginning of the video. Let’s start the tutorial below-How to DIY the glow in the dark nails.

Preparation tools:

Ultra-fine glow in the dark powder

transparent primer

transparent sealant

small brush

small container


  1. Before we start, make our luminous nail polish, pour the transparent primer into the container, add a little luminous powder and mix well, then the luminous nail polish is finishe
  1. Let's start manicure then. Girls who have done nail art know that they need to polish their fingernails first, then clean up and then apply transparent primer.
  1. After you have done with one hand, put the nails under the UV light for one minute to let it dry.
  1. Apply a layer of luminous nail polish glue, for the best luminous effect we apply 3 layers, each time you need to dry under the UV light for 1 minute.
  1. Finally, apply a layer of transparent sealant and dry them.

Let me share with you 3 points in the process:

  1. Be sure to control the amount of transparent nail polish to avoid waste.
  1. The luminous powder must be purchased from a professional manufacturer, distributor, or Amazon platform. (After all, it is used on your own hands, the quality must be good, and harmless to the body)
  1. The last sealing layer must be dried under the UV light for a longer time, for a complete dry to keep the nail art for longer.

Some people worry that their nails will be ugly during the day, but it is not necessary. The finished luminous nails are creamy white during the day, which is very natural and beautiful; it is luminous at night, beautiful and novel.

In this video, we use the ultra-fine glow in the dark powder produced by the Glow Technology to make glow in the dark nails, which the glow effect is the very bright and long afterglow, you will be the coolest person to go to the nightclub. There is no graininess on the nail surface. Follow us on our YouTube Channel for more interesting glow in the dark DIY videos