1. No dilution is needed when using glow in the dark paint for brushing. It can be used directly, or according to the viscosity of the brush, add a suitable amount of diluent (either bac or toluene). The amount of diluent should be ≦ 5% to avoid reducing its cover force.
  1. Luminous paint is a water-based paint, which can be in contact with water-based media. It has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting, etc. Before use, stir the luminous paint to prevent precipitation of the luminous powder.
  1. Before brushing, clean the surface of the item. If it is not flat, repair the surface of the item and wait for it to dry completely before proceeding.
  1. In order to make the luminous paint have a higher glow in the dark brightness and longer luminous time, it is necessary to paint a layer of white primer on the surface of the article.
  1. After the white primer that is sprayed or brushed is completely dry, apply the luminous paint again. When painting the articles, please use the same direction to complete the brushing operation. After two hours, wait for the surface to dry slightly. The second operation is then performed in the same manner as described above.
  1. The brush can not be brushed back and forth or moved up and down during the brushing construction to avoid the luminous powder from wandering and causing uneven dispersion, which seriously affects its light storage capacity.
  1. The best interval is 2 hours for each brushing. It is recommended to brush the luminous paint twice before brushing to ensure the luminous effect of the luminous paint.
  1. Luminous paint (touch drying time is about two hours). After painting, you can apply a layer of transparent paint on the surface of luminous paint according to requirements, which can increase the service life of luminous paint.
Luminous ink