Luminous paint luminous time, price and method of use

If you want to know how long luminous paint can shine, you must first know why luminous paint can shine. Luminous paint contains energy-storage luminescent materials. These materials have luminescent properties, store energy under light, and release the stored light energy in a dark environment to emit a luminous effect.

Because of the limitations of luminous materials, there are certain prerequisites for the luminous effect of luminous paint, which must be illuminated for a certain period of time, and only emit light in a darker environment. The time of luminescence depends on the amount of absorbed brightness. Generally, about 30 minutes of light can make the luminous paint shine for more than 10 hours.

The price of luminous paint is between 100 yuan and 200 yuan, and the price is directly related to the brightness.

The price of ordinary brightness luminous paint is 100 yuan, and there is another kind of body paint luminous paint that can be used directly on the skin. The price is 150 yuan.

The price of high-brightness luminous paint is between 180-200 yuan, because of the characteristics of high brightness and long lighting time, the price is slightly higher.

The use of luminous paint is mainly two kinds of painting and spray gun spray.

For large and relatively flat walls, painting is a more appropriate choice. For small uneven areas, you need to use a spray gun for spraying.

When applying luminous paint, it should be divided into the following steps:

(1) Stir the luminous paint evenly, let the luminous powder and paint mix thoroughly.

(2) To remove impurities on the base surface, it is best to paint a layer of white primer to increase the brightness and light absorption speed of the luminous paint.

(3) When painting, avoid repeated painting on the same part to cause excessive local thickness, and apply uniform and regular painting.

(4) Avoid painting in low temperatures and humid environments to prevent the adhesion of luminous paint from decreasing.

(5) After painting, leave it at room temperature for one day before using it.

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