Painting the surface of objects of different materials is a way to protect the material from oxidative corrosion. Affected by the environment, various materials will be damaged, deteriorated in performance, or deteriorated under the action of the environment.

Spraying paint on the surface is a very important anti-corrosion protection method. A good spray paint protection layer remains intact and well-integrated, which can become a barrier to inhibit corrosion intrusion.

Glow in the dark paint, as a kind of wall art paint, is a kind of paint with an excellent decorative effect. Brushing luminous paint on the surface of the metal, wood, glass, and other materials, in addition to playing the role of decoration, can also protect the material.

Taking wood as an example, wood products made of wood have no protective treatment on the surface and will be damaged by the environment for a long time. Luminous paint is applied on the surface of wood, which is wear-resistant, waterproof, and stain-resistant, which can well protect wooden products from damage.

For the waterproof and stain resistance of luminous paint, glow technology conducted a simple test on luminous paint. After painting the surface of the board with luminous paint, pour the soy sauce on the surface of the board, wait ten minutes, and then easily remove it with a rag. Wash the board with water, there is no change in the surface of the luminous paint, and the luminous effect is very well protected without damage.

The luminous paint tested above is a water-based paint. In addition to its good stain resistance, it also has the characteristics of aging resistance, high strength, and good adhesion. The most important thing is that the VOC test of the water-based luminous paint conforms to national standards. Poisonous and non-polluting.

glow paint (day)
glow paint (night)