Where is the luminous party held? When choosing a party venue, choose a relatively dark space. Only in a dark environment can the colors and lights be better played. It is difficult to find a dark space, but it can be processed. In space, all the light is blocked with a black cloth. At night, a dark environment can be achieved.

In the “Luminous Party” world, all people can emit light. The clothes they wear, the jewelry they wear, and the makeup they apply are all luminous, which is very cool. The light on the wall is not ordinary light, but ultraviolet light, because only ultraviolet light can achieve the best effect of luminous products.

In luminous parties, all materials are made of luminous powder, luminous paint, and other materials. This material absorbs the energy of light during the day, and at night, without any light source, it can slowly release energy and emit light. These materials are usually yellow-green. Through dyeing techniques, products of various colors are produced. Whether it is a decoration in the room or clothes on the body, they can achieve the neon effect.

The whole room is full of various luminous colors, the most commonly used colors are green, orange, yellow, and pink, which show colorful colors through the irradiation of ultraviolet light. It should be noted that in the entire room, not everything is luminous, such as tables and drinking glasses.

A luminous party is a very creative and very imaginative event. In addition to entertainment, you can also learn and learn more knowledge. Using your own hands-on ability to decorate the room and design clothes is a very interesting event.