Glow in the dark pigment currently on the market is mainly divided into two categories: Strontium Aluminate powders and short-acting luminous powders with Zinc Sulfide.


Glow Technology glow in the dark pigment belongs to the former. It has powerful light absorption, light storage, and luminescence. It is a light-excited and light-storing luminescent powdery crystals, after being irradiated by natural light, daylight light, ultraviolet light, etc. And then slowly releases it in a fluorescent manner after stopping light irradiation. So at night or in a dark place, we can still see the light, lasting for several hours to ten hours.

Super glow luminous powder
The picture of ZnS


The short-acting luminescent powder containing zinc sulfide has a name called “come fast, go fast.”The so-called “come fast” means that the light absorption time is short and sensitive to the light source. And it quickly shows the luminous effect: “go fast” means that the afterglow time is short.

Its afterglow time is only 1 to 3 hours. It is easy to deteriorate and darken in strong light (such as sunlight), ultraviolet light, and humid air. Hence, its application is limited in many fields. Adding diamond and copper co-activated ZnS luminous powder has a long afterglow time. But it has an infrared quenching phenomenon. After being illuminated by electric light (including more red light), the afterglow quickly extinguishes.


Glow Technology mainly has four types of glow in the dark pigment has a fast light-absorbing luminous powder. Therefore, Its light absorption time is short, but the afterglow time is very long, which exceeds the short-lived luminous powder’s afterglow time. Moreover, the chemical properties are stable. It can repeat the light absorption, light storage, and light emission processes. Stable performance, service life can reach more than 20 years.

This kind of luminescent material is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and no harmful substances are produced in the production process. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material, which is rapidly replacing the currently used ZnS short-acting luminous powder. ZnS type afterglow luminous powder will produce H2S and SO2 pollution during the production and use process, and if there are toxic heavy metal ions in the material. I think that in the future, Strontium Aluminate powders will gradually replace it, reduce, or even cancel it.

fast-charging luminous powder

With the development of the printing industry, many people often think of reflective powder as luminous powder. In fact, there is still a big difference between luminous powder and reflective powder. The reflective powder has extremely strong retroreflective properties, and luminous powder will store light energy after absorbing light, and it will automatically emit light in dark places.


1.Small particle size, fineness, uniform particle size distribution, easy to process

2. Luminous color: yellow-green, blue-green, sky blue, etc., especially yellow-green light with high initial brightness.

3. Short excitation time, long light emission and afterglow time, and high brightness.

4. Does not contain any radioactive elements, harmful heavy metal elements, chemical substances, non-toxic, harmless, non-combustible, non-explosive, and safe for use in all walks of life.

5. Extremely stable physical and chemical properties, strong environmental adaptability, and extremely long service life.

6. Safe and reliable, save energy, green

7. High luminous brightness and long afterglow time, which is superior to the past light storage materials (sulfide series); its luminous brightness and afterglow time are more than ten times higher.

8. Good resistance to high and low temperatures. Excellent weather resistance and light resistance.

9. High durability. The luminous performance of this luminescent material is related to the stable crystal structure, which can be permanently maintained without the crystal structure being damaged.


1. Avoid using in an acidic environment (Al2O3 will neutralize with acid).

2. Avoid contact with water, keep it sealed as much as possible; (will absorb moisture in the air, make the luminous powder dark, non-luminous, and agglomerated).

3. Avoid contact with metal (will affect the unsaturated state of luminous powder and affect luminescence).


The waterproof luminous powder is a common rare earth long-lasting long-glow luminous powder that we use daily. It is a special waterproof water-based glow in the dark pigment processed by the manufacturer’s waterproof coating. You can directly put it into the water without affecting its luminescence. It is different from ordinary luminous powder in that ordinary luminous powder will lose its glowing effect if you place in water for a long time. Generally, oily products rarely use this waterproof glow powder.

waterproof luminous powder


In real life, people use the luminous properties of glow in the dark pigment for a long time to make weak lighting sources. It has special uses in the military sector. This material is used to coat aviation instruments, clocks, windows, various switch signs on machines and doors, the handles, etc. And it can also be pressed together with various light-transmitting plastics to form different symbols, parts, and supplies (such as power switches, sockets, fishing hooks, etc.).

After the light illuminated these light-emitting components, they still emit light at night or unexpected power outages, etc., so that people can distinguish the surrounding direction, which brings convenience to work and life. If blending ultra-fine particles of luminous materials into textiles makes the colors more vivid. Children can wear glowing textiles to reduce traffic accidents.