In the movie “Avatar,” we saw plants that can glow in the dense jungle. This is the picture of the fans’ dreams. But now, luminous leaves are no longer in science fiction movies or science fiction, because scientists have found a way to make plants glow in dark environments. Creatures can glow-in many animals and microorganisms, there are luminous, including some fungi, insects, fish, etc. The most famous is the firefly, which can glow at night.

Scientists discovered in experiments that there is a mushroom that can glow in a dark environment. Through the sequencing of DNA, scientists can transfer the luminescent DNA sequence in the mushroom to other plants, so that they can emit a bright green light.

Because this technology is impossible to use in life, if you want to get luminous plants, you can only achieve mass production of luminous plants by changing the appearance. Many sellers apply a layer of luminous paint on the surface of the plant or soak the plant in the luminous paint. Wrap the fabric with luminous paint and dry it to make a luminous plant.

As an important holiday in Western countries, Halloween is the most important moment of the year. Because luminous plants can emit yellow-green light, which is very suitable for the atmosphere of Halloween, so many people buy luminous plants during Halloween.