With the continuous improvement of living standards, many novelties are sought after by people. Luminous materials absorb the energy of light during the day, and at night they can emit the effect of luminous light, which is very beautiful. Because of this luminous property, it can be seen in many fields.

Many people will have a misconception that the longer the light shines on the glow in the dark powder, the brighter the longer. This is wrong; the brightness of luminous powder will not be brighter because the longer the light is irradiated. Irradiate the luminous powder, after the energy is full, store the energy, release the energy in a dark environment, and convert the energy into a luminous effect.

Not any light can charge the luminous powder. Of all the color lights, ultraviolet light is used for the best results. Using ultraviolet light, the luminous powder absorbs light faster.

When buying luminous powder, you can choose Glow Technology; there are many varieties of luminous powder. There are waterproof luminous powder, fast-absorbing luminous powder, ultra-fine luminous powder, high-luminance luminous powder; each luminous powder has a different direction of use. When purchasing, be sure to choose luminous powder according to the application scenario and the medium used.

Here you need to tell everyone that putting luminous powder in the sun for 15 minutes can fill the energy of luminous powder. Using a purple light to illuminate, it only takes five minutes to fill the luminous powder and wait for the energy to fill up.

glow in the dark powder