Slime, a fictional creature often found in video games and fantasy novels, Its popular images are jelly or semi-liquid, opaque or translucent objects, monsters that can change shape and can be split or merged. However here we mean a kind of toy mucus. We will teach you how to make a glowing slime in 5 minutes. The necessary material is the glow powder. Glow Technology glow powder is multiple colors and full range.

There are many ways. I will briefly introduce several methods to make glowing slime.

Ⅰ. Material:

Glue, borax water, clear water, glycerin,glow powder.

Glue, add water, mix with glycerol, stir, add borax water and glow powder, a small amount, and multiple times, stir and shape.

Ⅱ. Material:

Glue, water, glycerin, soapy water, glow powder.

Add glue to water, add glycerin, stir, add soapy water and glow powder, stir and shape.

Ⅲ. Material:

Glue, laundry detergent, water, detergent, borax water, glow powder.

Add water to glue, after mixed add detergent, add detergent to water, add borax water and glow powder, stir and shape.

Ⅳ. Material:

Glue, water, glycerin, contact lens care solution, glow powder, soda (don’t buy it separately, soda can be added with water)

Add water to glue, after mixed add glycerin, after mixed add glycerin and glow powder, add contact lens care solution, stir and shape.


The main reasons are the addition of glow in the dark powder. It is a photoluminescent(PL) pigment.

PL pigment is a kind of light -excited and light-storing luminescent powdery crystals.

It can absorb and store light energy as being exposed to the light source, then re-emit visible light slowly over time(The human eye perceives light as a particular color).

Making glowing slime by glow powder