In a dark environment, the bottle has yellow-green light spots, which feels like a glowing artwork. It is very beautiful. Only when you hold this luminous artwork in your hand, you find that it is a smoking gun that can be used in the dark. Glowing glass products in a beautiful environment.

This luminous smoke gun is made of colored glass and fired in a high-temperature environment. Put the high-temperature fired glass on the workbench, and the workers use tools to make the appearance.

In the process of making the smoking gun, the luminous powder cannot be burned directly at high temperatures. In a high-temperature environment, the luminous powder will undergo an oxidation reaction, causing the luminous powder to lose its luminous effect. When making a luminous smoke gun, use the method of dipping and mixing the luminous powder with the smoke gun. This method can keep the brightness of the luminous powder from being destroyed.

Not only glass products, but any product is also made with glow in the dark powder. The temperature during processing should not exceed 500℃. If this value is exceeded, the brightness of the luminous powder will be lost.

Glow in the dark smoke gun