Absorbs light at any light source and automatically emits light in the dark.

The main raw material of glow in the dark sticker is photoinduced energy storage glow in the dark powder (no radioactivity). Photoinduced energy storage noctilucent powder is a phosphor that stores light energy after being irradiated by natural light, daylight light, ultraviolet light, etc. After stopping light irradiation, It is slowly released in a fluorescent manner, so the light can still be seen at night or in the dark for a period of up to ten hours.

The background color glows as a whole, the brightness is high, it is easier to identify at night, and the warning effect is strong; the service life is long, it can be reused countless times, and it is not easily worn out.


  1. Contains no harmful substances to the human body and meets the safety toy and food packaging specifications.
  1. The pattern can be printed according to the design pattern.
  1. A variety of colors are available.
  1. Material, size and shape can be customized.
  1. Wide application.
Luminous sticker