Luminous fish tank

In life, fish farming can improve your physical fitness, relieve visual fatigue, and effectively release your stress. Appropriate decoration of the fish tank can create different effects. We decorate the fish tank with luminous stones of yellow-green, blue-green, and sky blue to see the luminous effect of the fish tank.

Props preparation: luminous stone (yellow-green, sky blue, blue-green), fish tank, goldfish, water grass

Pour yellow-green luminous stone into the fish tank, spread the luminous stone evenly on the bottom of the fish tank, and pour water and goldfish into the fish tank at the same time. The prepared fish tank is exposed to sunlight, and at night, the luminous stone emits yellow-green light, which can illuminate the entire fish tank.

According to the above operation procedure, the sky blue luminous stone and the blue-green luminous stone are poured into the fish tank and placed in the sun to irradiate. At night, the sky blue and blue-green light are released. Comparing the three luminous fish tanks, the yellow-green luminous stone has the highest luminous brightness and can illuminate the fish tank. The blue-green and sky-blue luminous stones have low brightness and cannot illuminate the fish tank.

Putting the three colors of luminous stones in the fish tank can create different effects. Luminous stone has a wide range of uses. In addition to the decoration of fish tanks, luminous stone can also be used for road construction, potted decoration, and other purposes.

luminous fish tank