Luminous stone is a kind of inorganic material; its scientific name is fluorite, also known as the wizard under the night. The main chemical component is calcium fluoride. It absorbs light energy during the day or in a light environment and emits light in a dark environment. Artificial luminous stone is more stable, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and more plastic than natural luminous stone. It is an excellent, environmentally friendly material.

Luminous stone has excellent physical and chemical properties, can be adapted to outdoor or harsh environments, and luminous stones of different colors or the same color are paved on the pavement, using daylight or other light sources as excitation light sources, which can be emitted after Luminous nightfall effect, and does not contain toxins and radioactive elements when glowing. Not only does it have a stable output light source, but it is also environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to the environment, reducing the power consumption of urban lighting and light pollution in the city.

Because glow in the dark stone is very stable and malleable, we can lay it in swimming pools, sidewalks, parks, highways, tunnels, and other places to protect the soil and reduce ground dust, while enhancing the appearance of the pavement and surroundings. It will be more beautiful.

Luminous stone in the park can reduce the park’s need for complex lighting facilities while improving night safety. Using a luminous stone of different colors to lay a glowing bicycle lane, we ride on such a road, as if walking through a beautiful fantasy world. Because it does not reflect light, and the brightness is relatively low, it will not increase light pollution, maintain aesthetics, and will not harm the environment.

glow stone