The new decorative product shines for more than 10 hours in a dark environment.

This luminous film is a high-performance, high-brightness photo acrylic film.

The product is designed to be used for safety and emergency exit signs.

Common uses include stairs, handrails, door frames.

The luminescent film has high energy efficiency because it contains high-luminance glow in the dark powder and can be charged without a power source.

The design of the luminous film can be made into stickers with various patterns to meet your various needs for decoration.

Standard size, durable material, easy to install, just peel and paste to complete.

Luminous stickers do not contain radioactive materials, heavy metals, and toxic ingredients.

Can be disposed of in sanitary landfills or incinerators

Use tools for cutting and processing to produce a variety of shapes, can be applied to a variety of surfaces, play a role in safety and decoration.

The surface can be patterned by various printing methods such as screen printing and thermal transfer printing.