As children grow up, toys are essential playmates. As a children’s product, in the production process, whether it is materials or craftsmanship, it must be non-toxic and non-polluting, so as to protect the children’s health. In recent years, glow in the dark products have slowly entered people’s vision, and glow toys have slowly become popular.

Compared with ordinary toys, glow toys contain glow powder. Glow in the dark powder is a non-toxic, non-polluting, and environmentally friendly glow product. When added to toys, children can play with confidence.

Among the many glow toys, the Thomas&Friends train set is the hottest. All the train tracks are illuminated by light and can glow in a dark environment. It is an ideal toy. Bringing this toy home will not only improve the children’s practical ability but also stimulate the children’s imagination.

This incredibly unique toy train is equipped with lights at the bottom, which can charge the luminous track in a dark environment, so when Thomas passes by, it will leave a trail of luminous behind him, bringing more games to children Experience. Luminous Thomas traveled along the dark road, leaving a glowing track that attracted the children’s curiosity and surprise.

Each train set contains multiple glow tracks for children to assemble. Different suits have different themes. If you want to experience a different game experience, hurry, and choose your favorite Thomas train suit.