Luminous wallpaper is a popular application of glow in the dark powder. However, when I was young, I didn’t even know the existence of luminous wallpaper. Otherwise, my room would be more exquisite. The light-emitting principle of the luminous wallpaper is to add glow in the dark powder material when printing the wallpaper.

When there is an external light, the glow in the dark powder can absorb some of the light energy and store it. And when the outside environment is dark, it will naturally release part of the stored light energy, thereby producing a luminous effect.

How to buy wallpapers

  1. A complete set of wallpaper construction, including primer, glue, wallpaper, if any part of the construction is not Eco-friendly, it will affect the final construction effect. Unseen links-primer and glue are more critical. Many wallpaper construction problems are caused by glue.
  2. The colorful wallpapers are beautiful but don’t forget to wipe them with a damp cloth on the spot to see if they are discolored—especially some wallpapers with bumps and textures. You will have to clean them frequently in the future.
  3. The environmental protection level of the wallpaper depends on the material quality and grade of materials, printing process, etc., and the quality can be identified by burning samples.

(1)The high environmental protection wallpaper has no burning odor and no thick smoke, and the ash is gray powder.

(2)PVC wallpaper has the obvious plastic smell, and low-grade wallpaper has a strong printing ink smell.

The newly unwound and odor-free pulp wallpaper has the highest environmental protection rating.

  1. There are many kinds of wallpapers on the market, and there are also many materials. Among them, paper-based PVC wallpapers account for most of them. The cost of raw materials is relatively low.
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