Noctilucent’s mobile phone case is added with a material called noctilucent powder, which is stored in itself by absorbing the energy of the external light source. In fact, it is always shining, but you can’t see it when the outside brightness is higher than its own brightness.

So some people feel that the phone case is particularly bright in the dark environment after being illuminated by strong light, but it does not turn on after a while. What is the reason? It is because the luminous brightness of the luminous powder is gradually weakened with the increase of time, and it will become darker and darker without receiving external light.

The luminous effect of some mobile phone cases only shines for a while, or the brightness is not bright enough, which is related to the quality of the luminous powder. After all, no matter what is the difference, the luminous powder is mainly used to make products such as fire signs. It can only be used in emergencies in an emergency. After all, the brightness of the luminous powder is too far from that of an electric light source.

The firefighting logo that meets the fire protection standard uses about two hundred yuan per kilogram of luminous powder. The requirements in Europe and the United States are higher, and the amount added is more. As for this luminous mobile phone case, the price is at most one hundred yuan per kilogram. The amount added is definitely very small; if the short-acting luminous powder is used, the effect is even worse.

Finally, the best brightness is a yellow-green luminous powder, followed by blue-green and sky blue. There are many colors that can be customized, but the cost is high, and the effect is poor, and manufacturers will not use it at all.

Luminous mobile phone case