1.Romantic spokesperson

We know that according to the designer’s design, the mosaic can be collaged into various beautiful patterns through different collage methods. Although the size of the luminous mosaic is the same as that of the ordinary mosaic, it can use the glow in the dark effect and arrange it according to the needs, so that it displays a different pattern effect during the day and night.

Therefore, it is often applied to walls to create a romantic atmosphere, or to be used in swimming pools to create a romantic effect of starlight or to be used in cinemas and places with weak light, which is collaged into instructions or warning patterns to guide people — energy saving.

However, the luminous mosaic cannot be used in a large amount when it is used but is collaged with other mosaics as an embellishment. If it is used in large quantities, it will appear too obtrusive and inadequate.

  1. Safe and healthy, recycle use

Luminous mosaics can show two different effects during the day and night. The luminous mosaics are coated with a layer of light-emitting light-emitting material on the back when they are produced. After the firing process, this material can work well with tiles. Combined, and the luminous effect it presents is permanent.

Normally, it only needs to absorb the solar light source for half an hour to continuously release light for 8 to 12 hours. You may think that such luminescent materials are chemical materials, which are polluting and not good for human health. In fact, the light-storing light-emitting materials contain very few radioactive materials, and they mainly absorb external sunlight energy to emit light, so they can be used with confidence.

Luminous Mosaic