3.Colorful appearance and diversified display

A luminous mosaic can create a romantic atmosphere, but can the same luminous effect make people feel romantic? At present, the luminous effect of luminous mosaics on the market is only two colors, yellow-green and blue. However, in order to make luminous mosaics have a colorful appearance, color stickers of various colors are often pasted before spraying luminous materials to present a variety of colors. Effect.

4.Romantic price, high cost

Noctilucent mosaics are developed on the basis of traditional mosaics. However, due to the complicated manufacturing process and glow in the dark powders of noctilucent mosaics, the price is more than double that of ordinary mosaics. Ordinary families rarely buy them. A few business places will choose to Decorate with luminous mosaics, such as building facades, hotels, and bars. So the popularity of luminous mosaics is not very high.

5.simple maintenance, easy to clean up

Because the mosaic has a lot of gaps in the college, it is easy to fall gray. Therefore, when the luminous mosaic tile pattern is used, a protective agent is sprayed to prevent dust from easily attaching to it, and it can be cleaned later. When cleaning and maintenance, you can wipe with a damp cloth.

Luminous Mosaic