Glow in the dark paint – glow in the dark paint for concrete surfaces and walls, indoor and outdoor. Simply expose it to any source of light, sunlight, housebulb or uv blacklight and it will absorb the light and glow in the dark. For full charge up to 30 mins of light exposure is needed.

Fast drying paint which glows in the darkness up to 8 hours gradually descending. It has a high level of abrasion and wearing-out resistance and provides water-proofing, hard, resistant and long-lasting coating. It is resistant to mechanical stress, environmental precipitates, chemicals, oils, and detergents.

Luminous Concrete is used for painting the parking lots, marking the entries, pathes, sidewalks, curbs, decorative elements of concrete and concrete like materials, house parts, garden walkways, walls of night clubs, bowling centers, laser show halls and other premises. Used for all types of surfaces: natural and artificial stone, concrete, brick, tile, pavement etc.

Glow in the dark Concrete should be applied on a clean (clean the surface with thinner if possible) and dry surface with a roller, brush, air compress or airless spraying without heating.

Before use mix thoroughly until completely homogeneous (no residues or precipitates at the bottom), let it dry for 6-8 hours (min 2 layers recomended).

Is there any difference between your monotonous parking space markings and the neighbors’?