Many customers consulted us about glow in the dark powder. In fact, in one sentence to define luminous powder, the luminous powder is a pigment, whether it is plastic, lacquer, glass, or other media, they have the same commonality: must be a transparent medium.

Many people asked us why luminous paints have different prices. In ordinary luminous paint, the content of luminous powder is 20%, while in our luminous paint, the content of luminous powder is 40%. Compared with other luminous paints, our luminous paints have the characteristics of fast light absorption and long luminous time.

There are two types of luminous paint now, one is water-based paint, and the other is oil-based paint. Water-based luminous paint can not use ordinary luminous powder, because it is not waterproof, you must use waterproof luminous powder. The oily luminous paint can be made by using ordinary luminous powder, without using waterproof luminous powder, which will increase the cost.

When making luminous paint, luminous powder of all particle sizes can be used. It should be noted that the choice should be based on the viscosity of the paint because the viscosity of the paint will affect the sinking effect of the luminous powder.

The purpose of the paint is different, and the particle size of the luminous powder is also different. Brush the paint on the ground and add 100-200 luminous mesh powder. Exquisite equipment and instruments need to choose micron luminous powder. For indoor walls, choose micron luminous powder.

How to determine the quality of glow in the dark paint?
1. The proportion of luminous powder in luminous paint.
2. In luminous paint, the proportion of luminous powder is the same, but the grade of luminous powder is different.

glow in the dark paint